Killzone 3
Titles Corporal
Planet Vekta
Age 23
Status Alive
Race Human
Role Serving Rico on the Pyrrhus Evacuation

Rico's second-in-command of Raider platoon

Affiliation ISA
Weapons M82 Assault Rifle
"Jammer" (real name unknown) is a character introduced in Killzone 3. She is one of the ISA survivors of the failed Operation Archangel. Marooned on Helghan following the death of the Helghast Autarch, Scolar Visari, and the Helghast counterattack which devastated the ISA armada sent to carry out Operation Archangel.

Biography Edit

Jammer is an ISA Marine that serves alongside Rico and his Raider unit as they seek a way off the planet. She appears to possess some technical skill, including knowledge of Helghast mechanical and computer systems, also like Luger, Jammer shows impressive skills in both hand to hand and ranged combat, though she can be overwhelmed, like at the end of Killzone 3 on the Space Station, she requires the help from Hooper to subdue the Helghast guarding the keycard.

Characteristics Edit

Jammer is relatively laid-back and easy-going. She respects Rico's leadership, but like Rico, she would wave off "bullshit orders" from time to time. She has been credited and self-regarded as crazy, one such occasion being when she had to drive through the garbage shredder in a hasty rescue save Sev and Rico from being killed by it.

Trivia Edit

  • She is the fifth woman to appear in the series (after General Vaughton's communication officer, Luger, Evelyn, and Visari's daughter), and the third woman to actively take part in battles. She is the first woman in the series to be a marine.
  • She was modelled after actor/model Eva Mendes.
  • Considering that she serves in the military, realistically she wouldn't be allowed to have hair as long as she has and have it let down. Due to it obstructing head equipment like helmets and gasmasks.
  • She's an excellent fighter pilot, using both an ISA Intruder and a Helghast Strike Ship extremely well. However, she can get a bit reckless, like the time when she tries to lower her ship pick up Sev and Rico, but nearly gets hit by enemy RPG fire.
  • It's possible (though uncertain) that Jammer and Rico have some feelings for each other. In the six months they were forced to work together to survive, they seemed to have grown a relationship similar to Rico and Sev's. Jammer is the only person besides Sev whom Rico trusts enough to be his second-in-command.
  • In the novel Killzone: Ascendancy, Sev admired Jammer's beauty in several occasions and at the end of the novel he said he's going to buy her a drink and maybe a burger.
  • Jammer is one of the icons from the KIllzone trilogy in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.
  • In Killzone: Shadow Fall, in multiplayer, there is an accolade of Jammer, entitling her as "The Coporal".