In Killzone: Mercenary, there is Intel that can be collected. There are 54 intel total in the game that can be collected by interrogating certain enemies. Six in all nine levels. Completion earns the "Fully Briefed" Trophy and Valour cards. Blackjack makes a comment in each briefing.

Justice For AllEdit

Why We FightEdit

Blackjack: These Helghast have big chip on shoulder. But they were treated like shit too. Pah, there's no right or wrong here - just winners and losers.

Helghast Soldier's Oath Of Allegiance

"My duty to the Emperor. My life for Helghan."

The Helghast soldier carries these truths with him into battle:

- The absolute justice of the Helghast cause

- The superior might of Helghast forces

- The inevitalbility of Helghast victory

He remembers the events that gave birth to our nation and forged our people:

The Great Betrayal, 2200 - 2204

Our forefathers, the original settlers of Vekta, nurtured the planet into a powerful and prosperous home world. But when they sought independence from the oppression of colonial rule, Earth used the forces of the Interplanetary Strategic Alliance [ISA], the military arm of it's imperial control, to crush all resistance.

The ISA seized control of Vekta, and those settlers who were not imprisoned suffered further oppression. In desperation, they sought leave to resettle on the bleak mining world of Helghan.

The Great Exodus, 2204 - 2340

A massive fleet carried millions into exile on Helghan. Many perished but the strongest survived, the bodies of successive generations adapting to the harsh climate and toxic atmosphere. Even so, the wearing of masks was mandatory and became emblematic of our people.

Over more than a century, Helghan became the major producer of energy and minerals for the star system. But Vekta controlled all trade and enjoyed the lion's share of the wealth it created. The people of Helghan were ready for a visionary new leader to show them the way forward.

The Great Leader, 2340 - 2357

Emperor Visari gave the people of Helghan pride in their past and belief in their future. He declared that we are no longer humans: our sufferings on Helghan have forged us into a superior new race, the Helghast. He rebuilt our military, putting an end to Vektan exploitation and declaring that the masters will become the slaves.

"We will take by force what is ours by right. We will prevail. For Helghan."