Sgt. Rico Velasquez, an ISA Regular and HWE from Vekta


ISA Tank

ISA Regulars are the backbone of the ISA Army, making up 75% of any ISA colonies' ground forces. Regulars are trained to an impressive standard when it comes to defensive operations, however they are severely lacking in offensive capabilities. In either regard, they would certainly be outmatched by UCN troops. The most common weapon used by the regulars is the M82 Assault Rifle and M4 Semi-Automatic Pistols. However, they may sometimes use other weapons if necessary such as the LS13 Pump-Action Shotgun and M404 Missile Launchers.

As the regulars make up three quarters of the ISA forces, the Vektan regulars sustained the brunt of the Helghast invasion and suffered high casualty rates defending the planet. One of the regulars standard size units is a division, there is possibly one division per colony, or else it varies depending on funding available in that colony. Some Regulars who display strength, courage and duty more so than others, are given special training and become Heavy Weapons Experts - essentially 'Human Tanks'. They are given the heaviest portable weapons available such as the M224-A3 Chain Gun and M404 Missile Launchers and are used as human bulldozers to plough through enemy defences. ISA Regulars are at times called the life blood of the ISA ground forces.


ISA Concept Art


ISA Trooper

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