ISA Medic

ISA Medics are soldiers who specialize in caring for the wounded on the battlefield. ISA Medics go to the wounded with blood plasma, the latest anti-trauma drugs and defibrillators, they save lives by the bucket load – and suffer the heaviest casualties of any military specialist. Referred to as the saints of the battlefield, most grunts would rather flip off the Sergeant Major than upset their squad medic. Medics maintain life rather than completely heal life by keeping a soldier alive until he or she can be seen to by a doctor with better equipment.

Medics are clothed similarly to regular marines, however they have white helmets with red crosses and orange forearm guards to signify their non-combatant role, whether this is any protection against such brutal enemies as the Helghast is open to question. Medics seem to have less body armour than regular grunts, possibly the reason for their heavy casualties. Rather than ammunition and other weapons, medics carry medical supplies in their thigh pouches.

The medic's specialty patch emblem is a snake entwined around a pillar on the standard blue background common to ISA patches. Each Marine squad supposedly had a medic integral to it. The ISA's medics might be a direct part of the Navy rather than as part of the Navy's semi-independent marine units, and are just attached to marine units, possibly on a permanent basis.