The ISA Lancer is an armored fighting vehicle used by the ISA in support of ground troops that also incorporates elements of a traditional tank and a tank destroyer.


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Lancer render

The Lancer's 105mm rifled gun is substantial for an armored fighting vehicle, with enough firepower to destroy a Helghast Light Hovertank in two shots. The Lancer uses a 6x6 chassis design, with a hydronuematic suspension, and at a relatively light 22 tons is able to travel at high speeds on the paved roads of Vekta's cities. The wheeled design is perfect for urban police actions and combat. The crew consists of four men, a commander, a driver, a gunner and a loader.


Lancer IFV in Killzone.

While the Lancer's on-road performance is superior to both types of Hovertank and the Hover APC, as well as virtually all other land vehicles in either military, their off-road performance is less than acceptable, and many Lancers were lost on the sandy beaches and muddy forest roads of Vekta. Despite these losses, it proved to be effective for hit-and-run tactics in Vekta City, which allowed some ISA soldiers to regroup.

The ISA military learned a lesson from the heavy Lancer losses, and deployed the Archer IFV to Helghan, which was of a completely different design compared to the Lancer. In time, both sides slowly replaced their analogue mobile artillery with the more modern missile tanks.

The 105mm/L52 rifled gun fires APFSDS made of depeled uranium to destroy enemy armour or HE-Shells against enemy personnel. For more anti-infantry capability, an 7.62 x 51 mm coaxial machine gun is installed.

The protection consist of an aluminum alloy, giving protection only against light infantry weapons and grenade splitters.

The anti-air variant of the Lancer is the HAVAA (Heavy Armored Versatile Anti-Air). This vehicle is seen fighting along side it's AFV variant. It is also very effective against infantry units.



  • The Lancer has almost the same design as the French AMX-10 RC recon tank and the Israeli Merkava Mark 4 tank, with some elements of the M1128 Mobile Gun System, a variant of the Stryker APC.
  • The majority of Lancers seen in-game were destroyed hulks scattered across the planet Vekta.
  • Interestingly, in Killzone during Helghast Assault: Section 3, at the very end were you face two Light Hover Tanks, across from them is a vehicle that has the same chassis as the Lancer. But instead of the 105mm cannon, it has a dual-barrelled 25-mm AA gun. This suggests that the Lancer is a modular vehicular platform.
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