ISA Jeep
ISA Buggy
Killzone 2, Killzone 3
Type Reconnaissance, Fast Attack
Affiliation ISA mini
Weapons M224-A1 Light Machine Gun

The ISA Jeep, commonly known as the "Buggy" by ISA Marines, is a light all-terrain vehicle, ideal for reconnaissance missions and staging hit-and-run assaults against infantry or fortifications.

Overview Edit

The Jeep is the standard ground vehicle of the ISA Marines, deployed mostly for on-field recon, fast attack operations and infantry transport. It was one of the first vehicles to be deployed, alongside the Archer Tank. This small vehicle has been the mainstay for ISA forces for years, known for its speed, modularity and lightweight nature.

The Jeep is very fast and agile, capable of outrunning most armored vehicles. This however is achieved while having virtually no armor, therefore making it vulnerable to small arms fire. This is to ensure it maintains a small frame and a high top speed. It is used primarily for quick troop deployment and general transportation once a surface presence has been established. The jeep is lightly armored and equipped alone with a mounted machine gun suitable only for anti-infantry roles.

In the mission Maelstra Barrens, Helghast troops stole an undamaged jeep from the wreckage of a cruiser, and used it against ISA forces. Shawn Natko referred to the Helghast as scavengers and vultures for stealing ISA equipment.

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  • The Buggy looks similiar to the Chinese Liberation Army's FAV in the game Battlefield 2: Modern Combat.
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