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“The ISA has the perfect vehicle for infantry support and transportation – it’s called the dropship. Unfortunately it’s so overspecced that the damn thing costs a fortune and takes up too much hangar space. So they came up with the Intruder as a cheap and expendable battlefield taxi."

- Unknown mechanic

"Riding an Intruder down from a Cruiser to the ground is bone-jolting, terrifying, and ear-shattering. The exposed cargo bed has had very few comfort concessions – a few straps and a knee-height rail are the best you can expect. Under fire, they have been known to literally shake their passengers out into free fall, and even if you stay on you have little protection from shrapnel, airborne rubbish, and turbulence. Needless to say, the Special Forces troops love the bloody thing.”

-Major Andrew James, ISA Engineering

“Can you hear this thing creaking? It better fucking hold together until we’re off…”


The ISA Intruder is a versatile, new vehicle added to the ISA military after the liberation of Vekta.


ISA Intruder

ISA Intruder

The ISA Intruder is a new dropship which is introduced in Killzone 2 and was last used in Killzone 3.It was mainly used for the invasion of Planet Helgan .The Intruder is essentially a cargo lift platform that has been modified for combat use. Initially it was seen as a way to get ammo, food, water, and other equipment to teams in the field during battle. However, a desperate yet enterprising ISA soldier managed to successfully convince an Intruder pilot to transport some of his wounded comrades to safety, and so began the myth that it could safely transport personnel.

Instead of the standard infantry bay and troops exiting from a forward or rear door as found in many standard dropships, the troops ride directly on top of it in a haphazardous fashion, in a similar way to riding on the back of a pickup truck with jet engines.

It has a small profile and the ability to drop troops on the dime. As a result, the Intruder is perfect for rapid deployment operations, but is fairly fragile, and despite great maneuverability has very limited protection for the exposed troops. It also has small wing-mounted rockets and a chin-mounted minigun allowing it to act as a light gunship, but is dwarfed in this role compared to the Overlord with its heavy armor, two VnS-10 Scylla heavy machine guns, and a pair of unguided missile pods. Another advantage over the Overlord dropship is that the Intruder uses wheeled skids allowing it to be moved around with ease while on the ground or when maintenance crews need to move it into hanger bays.

The dropships appear to use anti-gravity and thrust-vectoring technology. They are deployed from ISA Cruisers by way of being dropped from a track, in a similar fashion to the tracks on a rollercoaster drop.  

Killzone 3Edit

The Intruder returns in Killzone 3. Without any other means of air support, the ISA survivors have taken to carrying miniguns while riding Intruders, for performing more aggressive tactics such as actively hunting Helghast Overlord dropships, strafing flights and hit-and-run raids. The Intruders will also be used as a means of active transportation and attack by the Raiders, an ad-hoc unit of airborne infantry commanded by Master Sergeant Rico Velasquez.

Killzone MercenaryEdit

Screen shot 2014-07-19 at 4.12.47 PM

VAN-Guard statistics

The intruder is also used by the Phantom Talon Mercenary unit over Vekta and Helghan. Its lightweight frame and open top are perfect for the deployment of glidesuit equiped soldiers.


  • It's unknown how the troops atop the Intruder are able to breathe that high up in the atmosphere of Helghan since there shouldn't be enough oxygen (this could be a story error).
  • It's also unknown how the troops are not getting blown away by strong winds since they're not buckled or holding onto anything (this also could be a story error).
  • In an interview, Guerrilla stated that they designed the Intruder to deliberately seem unstable rather than provide a proper means of troop transportation.
  • The Intruder may have been named after the Grumman A-6 Intruder, a twin jet-engine, mid-wing attack aircraft.
  • The Intruders have no straps available for buckling up, yet in Killzone 2 on Cruiser New SunSergeant Thomas Sevchenko is seen telling Natko to buckle up (could have been a figure of speech).
  • As of Killzone: Shadow Fall the Intruder has been replaced by a more sound VTOL gunship transport similar to (and likely inspired by) the Overlord.


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