The ISA Fighter-Bomber makes two appearances in Killzone: Liberation. It makes a bombing run on a Helghast
ISA fighter bomber

ISA Fighter Bomber on the right

Dropship that is being used as a command post and in a crashing sequence in the jungle level of Misty Waters. The fighter is capable of taking off in a very short distance. The craft also appears to need very little room to land which probably means it is STO/VL aircraft. The shape of the craft appears to have a three wing design with three or four engines although the nose is shaped to deflect supersonic shock waves. The second appearance is on the cover of killzone liberation.

The main armanet is the AUD-6/D Devastator 25mm, hydraulically-driven six-barrel gatling-type rotary cannon. This beast of gun fires 25mm depeled uranium projectiles with an rate of fire of 4500rpm. Normally loaded with UAP-12/A armour piercing rounds and UAP-15/D high explosive rounds in an five-to-two mix, the gun is able to destroy every enemy in the air and on the ground, pumping out hundreds of bullets instantly.

The bomber is also able to use laser-guided bombs and rockets for fire support. Those bombs are stored internally and with the use of radar-absorbing material, giving the ISA Fighter Bomber stealth capability.

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