ISA Cruiser

ISA Cruiser

ISA Cruisers are the most advanced ships in the ISA Navy and are manufactured by the ISA Vekta Shipbuilding Division.


Measuring 550 meters in height[1] and propelled by nuclear-powered beam thrusters that double as weapons, Cruisers provide the ISA with the persuasive force it requires to keep rebelling planets in line. Each ISA Cruiser holds a complement of 7600[1], including 5000 Marines[1], 600 pilots[1], 1800 support crew[1], and 200 officers[1]. In addition, it can store up to 160 Intruder-type landing craft[1] and 30,000 metric tons of ammunition[1] for the ship's main defense cannons. Cruisers also have 'dispersive armor'[2] which can handle repeated hits from enemy ships, and even provide some defense against the heavy main cannon of the Helghast MAWLR.

Designing and constructing the Cruiser was a massive undertaking for the ISA engineers. These ships differ greatly from their UCN counterparts, as they can change their positioning in-flight from combat operations in space to acting as on-station support in atmospheric conditions. An automated deployment system allows the Cruisers to rapidly send Intruder troop transports to a planet's surface, ensuring total planetary containment.


These towering hulks carry enough firepower to level a city several times over. Weapons onboard include:

  • 'Snow'[3], long-range missiles capable of disintegrating entire enemy vessels in a few shots.
  • M10 Quad Cannon[4], an anti-aircraft cannon with 4 automatic 35x228mm guns, includes an additional guided missile launcher.
  • Bombardment laser[5], which is prow-mounted for pinpoint ground strikes.

In ship-to-ship combat, the ISA Cruiser completely outmatches Helghast Cruisers, a single cruiser is capable of destroying an entire Helghast battlegroup with a single missile barrage. Generally, the only effective means the Helghast have of engaging ISA Cruisers are boarding parties, ground-based orbital defense weapons, or just having a larger number of Cruisers in order to overwhelm them.

Known CruisersEdit



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