Killzone - Hunting the Traitor

Part 1: Colonel Hahka intercepts a message from a downed Helghast communicator that states that General Adams will be at the GPS beacon that Luger had just pointed out to Templar and Rico, unbeknowest to them that it is a trap concocted by Adams to kill them, angering Templar since he had just found out that Adams had General Vaughton killed. When entering the swamp, a Helghast sentry bot appears but the squad remains unseen until the player engages it. Following the river, the team neutralize many Helghast, including a few Helghast grenadiers until they come across the crash site of a dropship being salvaged by two Helghast. After securing the crash site, multiple Helghast Elites come from the river on the other side of the site. Moving on, the team kill many more Helghast until they reach a path that leads the away from the swamp.

Part 2: The team ascend a small hill where on the other side there is a gathering of Helghast APCs. Upon neutralization of the APCs, the team return to a river flowing down a steep hill, killing a squad of Elites and a grenadier squad on a balcony like location opposite the team. After defeating the grenadier team. the squad neutralizes a few more Helghast before proceeding out of the river to an outpost base guarded by multiple Helghast Elites and another greandier team where they lower the barricade to the beacon's location.

Part three: When approaching the base, artillery fire lands near the team to which Hahka points out that the fire is far too accurate, leading him to the conclusion that it must be laser guided. In order to reach the base, the team navigate a zig-zagging trench network, kill oncoming four to five man squads of Helghast, neutralize two machine gun turrets and avoid the laser guided artillery. When the Helghast with the laser designator is killed, the team notice that General Adams was never at the base, which infuriates Rico, causing him to violently attack Hahka and accuse him of deliberately feeding the team the false information and suggests to Templar and Luger that they should ditch Hahka, but thanks to protests from Luger this decision is overruled. Back on the SD Platform, Adams is distraught to learn that the attack that he set up on his terms failed and the squad walked away unscathed, this causes General Lente to take matters into his own hands and begins to return to Vekta to intercept the team himself, assuring Adams that Visari will hear of his "efforts".