ISA Narville commands Hooper

Hooper receiving orders from Narville

Hooper is one of the supporting ISA characters in Killzone 3. He first appears bringing a HAMR IFV for Sev and Rico to use in the convoy. He later appears with the remaining ISA group in the Kaznan Jungle when they are in hiding. Captain Narville is trying to convince him to eat and fight for his little sister at home. Hooper is also the Engineer who is trying to deactivate Stahl's nuclear petrusite defense grid in the mission "Scrapyard Shortcut". Hooper does not speak until Captain Narville mentions his sister back at Vekta while they are still hiding at the Kaznan Jungle. In the novel Killzone: Ascendancy, he has a wife and two daughters.


  • Rico, Hooper and Sev seem to understand the Helghan alphabet. As elite special forces, it is likely they studied the language before taking part in the invasion of Helghan. Their knowledge was likely bolstered during the six months they spent surviving on the planet following the ISA's failed evacuation.