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LS12 SMG with VSA Holo Sight

The Holo Sight is an attachment featured in Killzone: Shadow Fall. This sight is unlockable for most weapons, and gives a 1.2x magnification for the player when scoped in. Compared to the standard Dot Laser, it provides a larger sight reticle, larger sight body and greater magnification for all weapons which can mount it.

The Helghast and VSA each have their own unique versions of the Holo Sight, with the Helghast version utilising a red, diamond-shaped reticle on a red-tinted lens, and the VSA version using a cyan, circular reticle on a blue-tinted lens. As such, all Helghast weapons will have the Helghast model if they have the Holo Sight equipped and all VSA weapons will have the VSA model if they have the Holo Sight equipped.

Nearly all small-arms in the game can be equipped with the Holo Sight. The M82 assault rifle, released as part of the Insurgent Pack DLC has a non-interchangeable Holo Sight which looks different from the normal VSA model present in Shadow Fall.

Weapons which can use this attachmentEdit