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Dr. Hillary Massar
Killzone: Shadow Fall
Age 30
Race Vektan
Planet Vekta
Status Deceased
Title Doctor
Affiliation StahlArms mini

Dr. Hillary Massar (2360 - July 7, 2390) was a Vektan born genetic researcher employed by the ISA, then later Stahl Arms, in Killzone: Shadow Fall.


As an undergraduate, Massar engineered a dangerous pathogen and deliberately exposed it to several of her colleagues in order to prove validity of her research, which at the time was disputed. Massar escaped prosecution and imprisonment by agreeing to work for the Vektan Security Agency's science division.

Killzone: Shadow FallEdit

The VSA appointed Massar to conduct human experimentation aboard the ISC Cassandra on Helghast subjects, with the goal of developing a new, unprecedented type of biological weapon. The weapon would be capable of eliminating human life across a large area, targeting a given type of genome. Massar developed the weapon at the cost of numerous Helghast test subjects and all of its crew members.

It was believed by some, or at least by Thomas Sinclair, that the bioweapon was purely meant to be a deterrent, and would not be deployed. The completed weapon was codenamed "Ethnic Bullet", a term coined by Massar and used by attendant Andrea Parsons in a message about the deceased victims of testing. Parsons attempted to stop the weapon's development, but he was unable to do it in time.

Massar had a type of fascination with the Helghast, believing their superiority to Vektans made them more suitable for experimentation. This was not due to the political factors at the time, but because of some intrinsic biological property. She later deduced all Vektans minus herself must die, so the Helghast could continue to evolve.

The Vektan government covered up all evidence of Massar's research. An official press release described the Cassandra as an unmanned research vessel used for a routine survey of local solar data, which was released into the sun after it was no longer in use. In actuality, the VSA tasked Lucas Kellan with rerouting it into the sun in order to destroy all evidence of Massar's experiments.

News of the experiments reached some parts of the Helghast side. When the details of Massar's experiments were discovered by Echo, a Helghast operative, who was set out to kill Massar. Despite the loss of the crew, Massar stayed aboard the Cassandra after the experiments were finished.

At that time, she decided to defect to the Helghast side and had already contacted them using an encrypted message. In response, numerous Helghast arrived at the ship and transported her away before Kellan could intercept them. Echo accompanied the Helghast enforcement. However, Echo did not have an opportunity to kill Massar at this time.

Chancellor Visari's administration sought to use Massar's bioweapon themselves, repurposing it to target Vektans, and to use it as leverage to prevent an attack from the VSA. The weapon may also have been capable of targeting half-breed Vektans. To fulfill this, Visari reassigned Massar to work under arms developer Jorhan Stahl. After entering Helghast custody, Massar was relocated to Stahl's base on planet Helghan.

Massar was seized by Lucas Kellan and Echo on Stahl's base. Kellan had orders from Sinclair to take her into custody. However, she was killed by Echo. At the time of her death, the weapon was already delivered to Stahl and prepared for deployment.


Dr. Massar was an arrogant Vektan arms specialist with a superiority complex to humans and Helghast alike. In some respects, this could be called a god complex. She regarded humans as evolutionarily inert, and halfbreeds as impure throwbacks that ruin the Helghast bloodline.

She was controlling and abrasive, making undue demands of Helghast guards, and continuing her experiments on some Helghast as well as humans while in Stahl's custody. She often spoke with a condescending tone, and was manipulative enough to make Echo ashamed of her parentage. She threatened the VSA soldiers apprehending her at Stahl's base by asking if they can "feel the sickness"- a reference to the effects of the Vektan-targeted bioweapon - to a point that one soldier was ordered to silence her.


  • Massar is voiced by Azura Skye.[1]
  • Massar is referred to by Stahl as "The Little Mouse" in chapter 5.
  • In Killzone: Shadow Fall multiplayer, there is a player icon of her, entitling her "The Doctor".



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