Hera Visari
Lady Visari
Killzone 3 (Cameo), Killzone: Shadow Fall
Titles Chancellor
Planet Helghan
Age Early 20s (Killzone 3)
51 (Killzone: Shadow Fall)
Status Alive
Race Helghast
Role Anti-Villain
Affiliation Scolar Visari (father)
Maya Visari (daughter)
Helghan Empire
New Helghan
Weapons None

Hera Visari (born 2339) is the daughter of Scolar Visari, the new leader of the Helghast people on Vekta, and mother of Maya Visari.

Killzone 3Edit

She was first seen very briefly in the introduction of Killzone 3 where she greeted her father and then stood by as he made his speech. She was then sent to the planet Gyre for her own safety, and remained there for the duration of the Second Extrasolar War. It is highly likely that Hera was in her early twenties when the Terracide took place.

Killzone: Shadow FallEdit

Some thirty years after the destruction of Helghan and the relocation of the Helghast race, Hera became Chancellor of the New Helghan government and rules the Helghast Sector of Vekta City. She is first seen presiding over Shadow Marshal Lucas Kellan's interrogation. She is revealed to be Echo's mother, and the two get into a heated argument over Hera's alliance with Jorhan Stahl and their plans on using Hillary Massar's bio-tech weapon to eliminate the Vektans. After silencing her daughter by force by slapping her in the face, Lady Visari orders the guards to send Echo away to safety. She exchanges a few words with Kellan, remarking how interesting it was that the Vektans and Helghast were once considered the same race, and now they were enemies. She leaves the room, telling Anton Saric to keep the Shadow Marshal alive. Lady Visari is never seen again throughout the rest of the game.

Despite the recent argument with her mother, and not agreeing with the use of a biological superweapon, Echo understands the Chancellor's dilemma. She tells Lucas that Visari was being pressured into a new war (apparently, her striving for peace with the Vektans has caused her to become unpopular with the Helghast military). Echo states that "Visari is doing this because she thinks she doesn't have a choice." If Vekta attacks, she will not back down. She will be justified in defending her people and their home.


  • She is voiced by and modeled after Lisa Banes
  • In Killzone: Shadow Fall multiplayer, there is a player icon of her, entitling her "The Helghast". 
  • She is probably named after Hera, the goddess of women and marriage in Greek mythology.