Hg tank

The Helghast Tank

As one of the heaviest armored vehicles available to the Helghast defensive troops, the Helghast Tank is used to lay down heavy fire, always trying to keep its vulnerable rear out of the action. Its long range weaponry is in the form of twin-mounted rocket launchers, meaning it doesn't have to engage at close range, and is most effective when used in conjunction with infantry. The tank itself looks like it was originally a mining vehicle modified into a combat tank, which would make sense as the Helghast forces, although ferocious fighters, came under attack much less prepared than they should have been, as they lost the majority of their advanced equipment when the Third Army was defeated.

The modifying of the tank includes an new powerful 1500 shaft horsepower diesel engine with a six speed (four forward, two reverse) Hydro-Kinetic automatic tansmission, improved protection (using an laminate armour as well as integrated non-explosive-reactive-armour) and modern electronic systems.

The main weapon is a 66 mm multi-rocket-launcher and a coaxial heavy machine gun similar in design to the StA-3 Stela. A turret mounted StA-3 is sometimes used. There are rumors of an upgrade program wich will replace the HMG with a new 25mm autocannon.


Speed 3/5
Range 680km

Twin mounted rocket launchers & Forward mounted

light machine gun

Armor 5/5
Weight 69,7 tons



  • The tank heavily resembles the FV-101 Scorpion scout tank and the russian vehicle BMP-T.
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