Helghast strike fighter

Radec and Stahl watch the Strike Fighter deliver Red Dust

The Helghast Strike Fighter is a large fighter that borders between attack craft and bomber. Its large size is to aid in its space flight it is unknown if it needs to be carried into space or given boosters for orbital escape vectors.


The Helghast Strike fighter, was deployed late in the Second Extrasolar War. The first use of the Strike Fighter is to drop Red Dust on the ISA held Helghast Capital, Pyhrrus. The Fighters were later used by Stahl's personal army to take on the Helghast Navy with nuclear/petrusite missiles.

Design Edit

The Helghast Strike Fighter is large, bulky, and heavily armed. It is power by a large anti-gravity ring granting it unlimted VTOL abilities and has several powerful thrusts placed along its body granting it full combat manvuerablty in space. The design seems focused on carrying nuclear weapons into battle. Specifically the ISA nuclear bomb. The craft is very powerful as carrying Red Dust was an easy task for this craft as it performed a VTOL take off and was fully armed. The Strike Fighter has a crew of 2 plus room for several passangers behind the cockpit. Its size is at least twice as large as the Overlord dropship, and has a large number of thrusters positioned on all sides for directional flight in space. It uses a tandem seating similar to a helicopter gunship with the pilot in back and gunner in the front. The ability to pilot the strike fight is straight forward and easy to master as even the ISA remenant who were fluent in Helghast language were able to fly them into battle and return to Vekta.


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