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The Helghast police only appear in Killzone: Mercenary. Several of them patrol a small fishing village, in the mission "The Package". They are also found in Vyktor Kratek's refinery, in the mission "Lights Out".

Helghast police

Helghast Police in combat.

Killzone Mercenary Edit

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Police mobilize

After evacuating the Ambassador's embassy, Danner and Justus slowly made their way to a small fishing village, in an attempt to find a Helghast scientist named Mandor Savic.

Unfortunately, the Helghast police are looking for him as well.

Ever since the arrival of the police, the village has entered lock-down. Rumors of civilian executions began to circulate. During Kratek's experiments with the virus, several villagers were abducted, and fatally tested on.  In addition to the village, the police are also found in Kratek's refinery. Here, they guard the refinery's exterior. After the destruction of the reactor, the rest of the police are killed.

Appearance Edit


Police Stinger

The police are fitted with riot gear, as well as an StA-52 Assault Rifle. Their helmets are marked with two yellow stripes. 

Additionally, the police use vehicles known as Stingers to patrol the skies. The vehicle is exclusive to them, as it isn't used by any other Helghast varient.



 Weapons:StA-52 Assault Rifle

First Appearance:The Package: Fishing Village

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