Hgh LightTank

Helghast Light Hover Tank

The Helghast Light Hover Tank is armed with the same 152mm M81 smoothbore gun and machine gun as the Helghast Heavy Hovertank; however it has far less armor, making it more agile and maneuverable, but fragile as well. The light tank is equipped with the same power plant as the heavy tank, making it a much faster vehicle; the light tank is almost able to keep pace with APC's.

It is the first Hover Tank seen in the field used by the Helghast Third Army.

Rico Velasquez is known to have blown a Light However Tank to bits in a single shot. However, it takes at least three hits to destroy one with the standard issue ISA rocket launcher.

Although rumoured to have been deployed solely upon Vekta, the turrets of either (or both) the Helghast Light and Heavy Hovertanks can be seen throughout the irradiated ruins of Pyrrus City, during Killzone 3, as well as within the mountains of junk inside the scrapyards. The Multiplayer map "Bilgarsk Boulevard" from Killzone 3 clearly shows the wreckage of a Hovertank at the point where the ISA start off from.

This could either mean that the Hovertank class was deployed both during the Invasion of Vekta AND the defence of Pyrrhus, or that, as the Helghast retreat wasn't clearly shown, that the Helghast withdrew with some of their hardware. This is also supported by the presence of Helghast Assault Boats within the scrapyards.

Equally, this could also mean that the equipment used during the Invasion of Vekta could have quickly become obsolete, as the hardware used during the defence of Helghan was far easier to produce and maintain, while the ISA assaulted the planet during Killzone 2 and at the beginning of Killzone 3.


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