The Helghast Jet Fighters are fast aerial vehicles that have the ability to fight enemies on land, sea and air. They have minimal armor but are incredibly fast. They are often seen harrassing ISA Cruiser, and can be easily shot down by the Cruiser's AA cannons.


Helghast Jet Fighters are used by the Helghast to make air raids on the ISA. They are armed with dual 35 mm autocannons. They could be armed with missiles, but that is unknown and not seen. They have one thruster, and two smaller thrusters on the back. The primary wings are very thin swing wings reminicant of the F-111 and F-14 fighter jets but are mounted towards the back of the fighter. By Killzone 3 they are complimented by the VTOL and Orbital Capable Strike Fighter which is seen taking off with the Red Dust nuclear bomb at the beginning of the Campaign.