The Helghast Military has evolved since the events of Killzone 3. After Helghan was destroyed by Petrusite irradiation, the Helghast population was decimated and the remaining survivors evacuated to Vekta in desperation. This new situation forced a change in military doctrine as the Helghast previously built their army on a mass of lightly trained and equipped troopers who could operate in large groups to overhelm their enemies.

In their new severely weakened state, the new Vekta-based Helghast government could no longer afford to maintain a large army  with endless formations of troopers, instead investing in producing a smaller amount of well trained and equipped soldiers. The New Helghast army also appears to feature automated weaponary such as armored walkers and spider mines instead of vehicles like tanks and APCs.

In Killzone: Shadow Fall it is revealed that the Helghast Military on Vekta is only their visible presence and presumably a minority of its total force. The Helghast have been producing large amounts of military equipment beneath the destroyed surface of Helghan under the guise of mining operations.


Assault Trooper - The backbone of the Helghan Army, assault troopers are better trained, better equipped and generally smarter than their precursors.


A Helghast Assault Trooper

The first notable improvement to the troopers is that they feature full composite body armor which cover the majority of their bodies, compared to older troopers who wore only a helmet and light chest armor that left their limbs and facial area exposed. Another change is that troopers are now armed with the StA409 Keyzer assault rifle as their standard firearm, replacing the aging StA-52. Finally, besides their armor plates the helmets of these troopers have tubes linked to them. These soldiers will try to take you down in groups and easy to kill if engaged or if there is a group just deploy the OWL in attack mode and it will assit you in fighting.

Kzsf fe 2013-10-08 helghast-infantry 05

A Helghast Commando

Commandos The most aggressive and physically powerful Troopers are selected to become Commandos. They specialize in brute force and overwhelming firepower, equipped with shotguns in close quarters combat, or with miniguns and emplaced Nano Shields for battlefield support. They are the closest soldiers fielded by the Helghast to match a Vektan Shadow Marshal.To take these these troops out you need to be careful that you take cover while they are firing.There are 3 ways to take them out.

1st way: Put the OWL in stun mode and order it to stun the commando, but be aware as the OWL can be damaged with the commandos' shotguns and miniguns, so distract the commando by firing at him and OWL will attempt to stun him if you give it cover fire.

2nd way:Throw a grenade at him but throw it while you have taken cover so that you can avoid damage.

3rd way: Fire at him or performe a meele attack. This is the least effective way as the commando can just pin you down with minigun or shotgun fire, forcing you to stay in cover. This way if most effective when you hide behind corners and wait for the commando to get close, then pop out and kn​knife or shoot him.


A Helghast Engineer

EngineersHelghast Engineers provide battlefield support, either in an offensive capacity such as constructing sentry turrets, or in a defensive capacity by providing dynamic cover with strategically placed Nano Shields. 

Snipers Helghast snipers have not changed much from the previous installments of Killzone but their rifles provide medium firepower which forces the VSA troops to take cover. The only way is to distract him with the OWL when it's in attack mode, then use a sniper rifle or use the LSR44 Spoor in sniper mode to take him out.

Armadillo Trooper- Helghast Armadillo troopers have personal shields which can be taken out by charging your LSR44 Spoor by putting it into long range mode. Or you can use Epulse grenades or the stun ability on your OWL drone.
Killzone shadow fall 011

Trivia   Edit

  • The Helghast Infantry have nearly the same armour and weapon design they had 30 years before the game takes place, albeit with newer designs and models. 
  • If you look on the armor designs on the Commando the engineer and the assault trooper they all seem to almost have the same type of armor just with different minor changes.


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