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The helghast Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs) of the Helghast Third Army uses powerful anti-gravity boosters, allowing theses vehicles to navigate shallow terrain and travel at higher speeds than any other land vehicles. They were more moblie than the Lancer over the open terrain of the Vektan mountains and muddy swamps, and were responsible for many of the Third Army's early victories. It was likely designed specifcally for the Vektan invasion, and despite their abiltity to hover they are still vulnerable to land mines. To counteract this, each model of these APCs feature a roller in the front which may be lowered to prematurely detonate hostile mines before the reach there softer underbelly.  

The APC's came in three variations, listed below.
Helghast APC 1

Helghast APC

The Standard ModelEdit

The standard model is equipped with a 360 degree cupola-mounted heavy machine gun (VnS-10 Scylla ) operated by a helghast gunner, the vehicle is able to carry a squad of 10 helghast in a closed rear compartment; the rear of the vehicle drops to allow troops to dismount.

AA ModelEdit

The APC (AA turret) has a roof mounted over the rear compartment and no machinegun, but instead features a

Helghast APC AA

fully rotating turret mounting four helghast AA guns (EAW25/4 Chimera Heavy Weapons Platform ). To support the AA turret and the complex mounting for the necessary liquid hydrogen cooling system that is required for cooling the AA gun barrels to maintain a high rate of fire, an addition roof for carrying the this extra equipment has been placed over the rear compartment. it still as the ability to carry a helghast squad of six.

MRL modelEdit

The multiple rocket launcher (MRL) is a powerful fire-support variant of the APC. Mounting 16 rockets in a roof
Helghast apc 2

Helghast APC MRL

mounted pack, the MRL is used to lay down a devastating blankets of explosives in a short space of time. With the troop carrying ability lost in the modification, it is not much of an APC, as the rear compartment is usually used for the storage of ammunition for the MRL.

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