Helghast Assault Killzone

A screenshot from the opening of Helghast Assault.

Helghast AssaultEdit

This is the first mission of the game Killzone, for the PlayStation 2 Entertainment System. The Helghast, a race of mutated humans, have made a surprise assault on the Earth colony of Vekta. In this mission, Captain Jan Templar must help the ISA forces repel the Helghast Forces.

Walkthrough (Section 1)Edit

You start off in a trench with a few other ISA soldiers with your ISA Assault Rifle equipped. Look at the top of the screen when a diagram of a PlayStation 2 controller appears. That's your tutorial. Soon, Helghast troops will come into view from the haze. Kill them, and duck, because you do have protection. Once one of the ISA soldiers moves the barricade, follow him through to another choke point. Do the same thing you did at the last place, but you will get some grenades for you AR. Save them for later, you'll need them. A large tank will come out of the fog, so get away. You can sprint, so do that. You'll have to stop at a destroyed hulk for a second. Once you regain stamina (the small bar under your health), keep running until you reach another trench. This time, you'll be in tighter quarters, and the enemy can and will kill you. Fight your way through, and get onto a turret in the second shack-like bunker. Mow down the assaulting Helghast, then move down the trench. Its likely that at least one Helghast got through, so kill him and steal his weapon. Switch to it, because the Helghast Assault Rifle is a much better weapon, if less accurate, than the ISA Assault Rifle. Soon, one ISA will give you grenades, and tell you to blow up a Helghast in a small hole in the trench. Do it, and get his ammo. Next, you'll have to cook off a grenade. Hold down the grenade button, but don't let all the lights blink on, or the grenade will go off in your hand. Continue on through the trench. When you get to an area where two Helghast are firing upon a squad of ISA, kill them, then take a small ramp up to that opening in the wall to progress into the downtown district.


Listen to the instructions from the marine. He tells you that there is a sniper down the street picking off ISA soldiers. Walk up to the ladder under the water tower and press "X". Templar will grab the ladder and you have to press "up". Switch out your pistol for the sniper rifle. Zoom in an try to find the sniper.


The sniper rifle functions very differently in Killzone than it does in most other games. Instead of the scope following the camera, you have a small circle with an orange glow and the crosshair in it. The scope is detached, so you can't move while using it, and if you release pressure on the analog stick, the scope will snap back to the center of the screen. The sniper rifle is a one shot kill, however, so you don't have to go for the head. Keep practicing with it and you will become skilled with it.

Downtown (Continued)Edit

When the sniper is dead, one of the ISA troops will yell "AMBUSH" and About five Helghast will start firing upon you and your squad from the building across the street from the water tower. You can either shoot them with the sniper, switch to one of your rifles, or go down there and toss a grenade in. When they're dead, one of the ISA will move a barricade and you'll just have to follow them. Two other snipers are near a "rock" formation that is really torn up street. Kill them and throw a grenade into the building with open windows on the left. If you hear Helghast screams, it was the right one. Then find the stairs that lead into that building (They're behind the gate) and wipe up any survivors. An air strike will blow up a pipe that you must go through WARNING: If you are standing under the pipe when it blows, you WILL be killed and have to do the whole sniper thing again. Progress up the pipe and throw a grenade at the Helghast squad waiting to tear you apart. Walk down a ramp to see an ISA holding a rocket launcher get wasted. Switch out one of your rifles(NOT the sniper, you'll need it)and blow up that APC. Only rockets will really damage it, so make every shot count. You'll need three. switch to your automatic and waste any Helghast surviving the destruction of the APC. Run to the gate that leads to the next part of the mission, and make sure to get the ammo there.

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