Orbital Elevator 2

The Orbital Elevator and Station

After their arrival in the Alpha Centauri System, the Helghan Corporation placed a prefabricated space station over Helghan. With the arrival of the Platinum Age and the economic boom sweeping over the Alpha Centauri system, the station grew and expanded over the years, becoming a major hub of shipbuilding and trade for the Helghan Corporation, eventually becoming the largest facility for the construction of spacegoing vessels outside of the Terran solar system. During the First Extrasolar War, the station became the first target of the UCN armada sent to re-establish control over the system, as Earth wanted the facility intact for the post-war regime. In the battle between the UCA Navy and the Helghan Corporation's private defense fleet, the station was destroyed, with both sides blaming its loss on the other.

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