Helghan Spider

Unlike the harmless Cadaver Beetle, the Helghan Spider does pose a moderate threat. These large spiders feed on Petrusite and glow with its power. They are quick to attack anyone that comes close, and will relentlessly pursue those that try to run. Once in range, the Helghan Spider will bite its victim viciously and repeatedly. The Petrusite they feed on also offers them a unique defense mechanism. When a Helghan Spider is destroyed, it will explode in an electrical arcing flash. This electrical Death Arc causes damage to the attacker. The best way to deal with the Helghan Spider is to shoot it as it approaches you. The spider is a bit evasive making it a tricky target, so should it get close switch to the knife for a fast dispatch. When the spider is destroyed it will explode with electrical energy, but the damage is not worry about unless you're nearly dead already. With the destruction of Helghan it is likely these spiders are now extinct.

Health 15
Weapons Bite: 25

Death Arc: 10

First Appearance Suljeva Village: Maintenance Office

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