Psp helghast heavycommando

Helghast Heavy Commando

Heavy Commandos are a more common type of elite Helghast special operatives deployed by the Helghan Empire. These operatives are handpicked by Colonel Cobar for the Vekta campaign.

Units of Heavy Commandos are deployed on missions where enemy forces are too entrenched for regular infantry, elites or assault commandos.


They make use of VnS-10 Scylla chainguns which pack enough firepower that are capable of leveling a building. However, the heavy weight of the weapon reduces the Heavy Commando's capabilities for movement.


They are obviously outfitted for heavy assaults and defending and holding areas of high importance. Their heavy armor is said to even withstand a mine blast and light caliber rounds have no effect on it, making only a small dent.


  • It is unusual how they have no sleeves, however this is likely simply due to the significantly higher temperatures on Vekta, as the Helghast would be genetically altered to be more at home on the freezing cold world of Helghan.

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