Helghast Heavy

The Heavy

Heavy Trooper

Heavy Trooper

The Heavy Trooper is a soldier pumped up with propaganda and psychotropic drugs, sealed in a suit of bulletproof and blast-resistant armor, with a chaingun/grenade launcher as their weapon. They are first found in the Heavy Canal of the Blood Meridian. They are also - like Colonel Mael Radec - taller than other Helghast.


Heavies possess a lust for battle that surpasses most Helghast troops; they are often seen taunting and threatening their foes in the thick of battle, while slowly advancing upon them and disregarding incoming fire. Heavily armored and well-equipped, they hail bullets on enemies that get caught out of cover and can flush out anyone hiding in cover by lobbing grenades. 

Countering Heavy TroopersEdit

Heavy Trooper's weak spots are the red tanks on their backs, but in order to be able to hit them, you have to make him turn around by shooting them in the helmet or by throwing grenades at them. Conversely, they can also be taken down with a few direct hits from a rocket launcher (i.e. the VC9, since the M80 is not available in the Campaign). Once the tanks are destroyed, the Heavy explodes in a massive fireball that severly damages or destroys anything nearby. This can be used to your advantage to clear the area of weaker soldiers. It is also suggested you take cover while trying to eliminate this opponent, for this soldier wields a weapon that is able to quickly eliminate entire squads of soldiers.


Heavy Troopers are armed with the powerful StA-6 chaingun, which fires 13.2 x 92 mm bullets, first expected as depleted uranium projectiles but later known as tungsten high velocity rounds. It is useful for suppressing enemy troops, or taking out entire squads in a hail of bullets. This minigun is, unfortunately, unwieldable. In addition to the minigun they also carry grenade launchers that can be used to flush people out of cover. There is also a variant called Arc Trooper using the VC5 Arc Gun. It's interesting to note that General Metrac wielded the exact same weapon in Killzone: Liberation against Jan in their first fight.


  • Health: 150
  • Weapons: Custom StA6 HMG


  • Killzone 2 on Blood Meridian, Visari Square (x2), New Sun, Tharsis Refinery and Visari Palace
  • Killzone 3 on Scrapyard Shortcut and Interception