The HE Grenade is an attachment featured for the first time in Killzone: Shadow Fall. It is an underslung, high-explosive grenade launcher available only for the Assault class in multiplayer. The HE Grenade attachment normally carries one shell in the chamber, with two additional shells in reserve, giving the player a total of three HE shells.

The Helghast and VSA each have their own unique versions of the HE Grenade, with the Helghast version utilising a swing-down barrel for reloading, and the VSA using a swing-out (to the left) barrel. As such, the StA409 will have the Helghast model if it has the HE Grenade equipped and the M55 will have the VSA model if it has the HE Grenade equipped.

Only the StA409 and M55 of the assault class can be equipped with the HE Grenade attachment.

Weapons which can use this attachmentEdit