Two Helghast

Hazmat trooper taken from the post-credits cutscene.

The Hazardous Material (HAZMAT) Troopers are Chairman Stahl's personal bodyguards, clad in powerful armor and are armed with the VC5 Arc Rifle as well as the StA-5X experimental weapons. Stahl's forces will stop at nothing to ensure that the ISA attack fails, even if it means exterminating the very prisoners they need for their weapons research.


Hazmat Troopers wear special heavy armor and can survive significantly more damage than any other Helghast soldiers, able to survive more than twice as much damage as elite units like Commandos or Elite Shock Troopers. Although they appear frequently in cutscenes, such as collecting irradiated petrusite only a handful of them are actually fought throughout the game, with a few appearing scattered throughout the Stahl Arms research facility, and two troopers appearing among the final opponents defending Chairman Stahl's escape at the end of the Helghast space station.

It's interesting to note that, while in cutscenes they are seen using StA5X Arc Cannons, in gameplay they only use VC5 Arc Rifles which disappear after the trooper is killed and cannot be used by the player. Furthermore, they are never seen reloading during the gameplay. There are also "hooded" variants of these soldiers, which look more like traditional real-world hazardous material handlers. These are seen significantly less in the campaign, but are the only version of the HAZMAT Troopers to be featured in the multiplayer.


HAZMAT Trooper


Health: 250

Weapons: VC5 Arc Rifle

First Appearance: Stahl Arms Infiltration


HAZMAT Turn-Around

KILLZONE3 scientist concepts

Hooded Variant concept art

KILLZONE3 hazmat turnaround

Stahl Arms hazmat trooper concept art

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