Killzone 3
Type AFV
Affiliation ISA mini
Weapons M224 MOMAG, 35mm autocannon
The HAMR IFV is a heavily armed combat vehicle designed and employed by the Interplanetary Strategic Alliance for use on the battlefields of Helghan.


Instead of tank treads, the vehicle moves on six large all-terrain wheels, which in conjunction with its powerful engine, gives it a reasonable amount of maneuverability and enables it to traverse the rough terrain of Helghan. The HAMR possesses reasonably strong armor, and can survive an impact from a dedicated anti-tank weapon like the VC9 Rocket Launcher and continue to operate.


Possessing the firepower of a light tank and the maneuverability of an armored car, the HAMR fills a vital niche between the heavily armored but slow moving Archer Tank, and the nimble yet fragile ISA Jeep.

The HAMR has only two onboard weapons:

  • One .50 caliber M224 MOMAG machine gun, for infantry.
  • A high-explosive-armor-piercing 35mm autocannon, for more armored targets.

Both are linked on a single turret and controlled by a dedicated gunner. While lacking the sheer power of either the Archer's missiles or the main gun of a Lancer tank, the cannon compensates with a much higher rate of fire, and its repeated blasts can destroy all but the toughest Helghast vehicles.



  • Curiously, there seems to be no concept art of the HAMR available, or at least none easily accessible.