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A Grenadier in action.

Psp helghast grenadier

Grenadier from Killzone: Liberation

Killzone: LiberationEdit

Helghast grenadiers are tasked with keeping the enemy at a distance. Their lack of heavy armor allows for quick relocation around the battlefield, preventing their opponents from acquiring a clear target. In the unlikely event of a direct confrontation with the enemy, grenadiers rely on their advanced knife combat training.


Grenadier from Killzone 2

Killzone 2Edit

The grenadier strengthens the Helghast battle lines by firing grenades from behind regular lines of combat. The distinctive sound of the launcher and the trail of the grenades give the attacks away, but they are still not always easy to get away from in time. The grenadier has the same mask design as the commando.


Like the Support Trooper, the Grenadier prefers long-range combat. Using the M327 Grenade Launcher, he will fire a burst of rounds in your direction, typically in front of you and on your flanks, hoping you'll run into one of the dangerous rounds. The grenade rounds are modified percussive rounds and will explode on impact with a soft target such as a humanoid. Otherwise, the grenades will bounce off hard targets such as walls and will lie on the ground until the fuse detonates them.

Even though the round from the M327 will explode on impact with a humanoid, the Grenadiers rarely ever target you directly and fire around instead. This means you seldom have to worry about being hit by the incoming grenade, but you should worry about where it ultimately detonates. When a Grenadier fires at you, look for where the rounds hit the ground and immediately move away from them. You can identify the rounds by the glow they emit as well as the distinctive beeping sound of the fuse counting down. Remain safe by putting some distance between you and the round before it detonates.

The Grenadier will often take cover if it's available and in some places this can make targeting them from a distance a bit difficult. A better solution is to simply rush the Grenadier. Since they prefer long-range combat, they will always pull back and run in order to put some distance between you and them. Be dogged in your pursuit and catch up with them for an easy R&K kill. If the Grenadier is backing away from you and sees you gaining ground too quickly, he will often pull his StA18 Pistol for close range gunfire. When you see this happen, weave to the right and left as you approach him for your knife attack, or use burstfire to interrupt his attacks. Keep approaching, and you'll soon overtake him for a quick kill.

If several Grenadiers are grouped together ahead of you, hold back and don't rush in. Instead, cook a grenade and log it into the midst to take them all out. If you rush a pack of them, they will scatter, meaning you'll need to track each one down for an individual kill. Instead, use an explosive attack of your own to try to take them all out
KILLZONE3 shotgunner techboard

Grenadier concept art

from a distance.


Health: 100

Weapons: M327 Grenade Launcher, StA18 Pistol

First Appearance: Salamun Bridge: Bridge East

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