"No way man, no way!"
Killzone 3
Age Unknown
Race Vektan
Planet Vekta
Status Unknown
Title Private
Affiliation ISA mini

Gottman is one of the minor characters in Killzone 3. He first appears taking cover behind a cement slab while under heavy Helghan suppressive fire.

Killzone 3Edit

Sev and Rico rendezvous with his pinned unit and find out from the unit's leader that Captain Narville has ordered them to take out the Arc Tower. Although the machineguns are in the way of this task Sev decides to find higher ground to take them out so they can continue with their objective. Sev orders Rico to stay with the pinned squad and motivate them to push forward while providing covering fire so he can get into a better position to deal with the machinegun nests.

After the ensuing battle and right before Jammer's distress call, Gottman does not seem to be present with the group or is unnoticeable; this could be due to him donning a helmet off-screen or evidence of his possible demise.