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Blackjack Ghost Generator

The Ghost Generator VAN-Guard icon.

"Personal stealth system that effectively cloaks the operator while not engaged in combat."
— description [1]

The 'Ghost Generator is a VAN-Guard, which temporarily camouflages the player. As with all other VAN-Guards, it can only be purchased from Blackjack's armories. It is used mainly by mercenaries and ISA snipers. It was developed by the ISA for stealth purposes. It only appears in Killzone: Mercenary.

Functionality Edit

The Ghost Generator serves as a camouflage system, which temporarily turns players invisible. Unlike most VAN-Guards, it cannot be destroyed. It is also one of the more expensive VAN-Guards, costing exactly 12,500 dollars. While active, sprinting or shooting will deactivate the Ghost Gen. Additionally, the VAN-Guard can be turned off by tapping it's on-screen icon. After re-tapping the icon, it will once again cloak the player.

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