General Stratson inside the Exo-Skeleton.

Stratson’s Exo-Skeleton is a battle suit found in Killzone: Liberation. It is stated to be the ISA’s latest technological achievement and could be the prototype for the Exo-Skeletons deployed on Helghan. The Exo-suit piloted by General Stratson is the final boss of the game, fought at the end of the downloadable chapter 5.

During the course of the chapter, Rico is rescued, after being abducted by Metrac earlier on and it is revealed that Stratson has betrayed the ISA. Templar and Rico infiltrate Sedah City. After securing the city, Templar leaves to take on Stratson at the Royal Palace. Here he defeats Stratson’s personal defences before the general confronts him one on one, sporting the Exo-Skeleton. Templar defeats Stratson and the traitor is arrested for treason.

Weapons & StrategiesEdit

The Exo-Skeleton is heavily armoured, only rivalled by Cobar’s Tank and the Heavy found in Metrac’s base. It sports three weapons, a chaingun much like the Helghast’s, a fireball launcher and powerful hydraulic claws for melee attacks.

Stratson will cycle between the chaingun and fireball launcher, the latter being very deadly. He will shoot three grenades towards the player, which form little fires where it lands. The fire does little damage compared to the bigger flames created by the pyro-trooper, but Stratson can launch many grenades at a time, thus hitting the player as he/she dodges the attack before it. If the player is caught up in the flames for too long, the damage can add up in no time, thus death. Because of this, Stratson is one of the most difficult enemies in the game.

The player's chaingun is the best weapon to fight Stratson but take note of the north depot where there is a missile launcher. Stratson can block explosive weapons such as missiles and grenades, but by bombarding him with missiles, a few hits will get in, dealing a few hundred damage. Becareful as Stratson can move very quickly and it is easy to be trapped by the depot and be at the mercy of his claw.

If the player is having trouble staying alive longer enough to defeat the Exo-Skeleton, the south east depot contains 4 health power-ups, even on Hard, so it is recommended to keep within reach of the depot so that if the player looses a lot of health to Stratson's fireballs, he/she can easily reheal.