Part 1: Rico is seen talking to himself until Luger silently grabs him and points out a passing Helghast APC convoy to the team. Templar and Rico communicate using hand signs then Hahka pulls out the laser designator they got from the GPS beacon, suggesting they use it to destroy the APCs.

When the team engage and destroy the APCs, the security detail attacks them, who are then defeated, umong the defeated is an unnamed Helghast commander armed with a Pup Grenade launcher.

Progressing onwards, the squad come across two more APCs and a Helghast Tank, which they use the laser designator to destroy. With the next section of road barricaded, the team have no choice but to infiltrate a Helghast outpost base and destroy the watch tower and the APC on the other side of the barricade.

Continuing on the path that leads out of the base the team is engaged by two sentry bots and two Helghast Assault Troopers, who turn out to be a grenadier team as one is armed with a grenade launcher while the other has a stA-52 Assault Rifle. After the Assault soldiers are killed, the team come across another Helghast outpost base, where the road to the jungle is barricaded and guarded by two more APCs, another Helghast Tank, a squad of Elites armed with LMGs, a machine gun team on the other side of the road and a grenade launcher wielding Helghast commander. When the road and base are cleared, the team lower the barricade to the jungle and progress on.

Part 2: In the jungle, Hahka suggests to the team that they should try to stay off the road where they can, which Rico identifies as an obvious point. When the team are about to re-enter the road, an APC rolls pass, legitimising Hahka's suggestion.

Continuing on, the squad navigates a series of crossing paths through the jungle until they come across a Helghast outpost base guarded with a machine gun team and also by a few Helghast Elites. When the base is secured, the team enter the base and lower the barricade to the next section where they need to detour through an arched hole in a tree trunk that is under surveillance by a Helghast Sniper.

The squad then destroy an APC and its security detail before progressing to the bridge over the 32nd river guarded by four watch towers and about a dozen Helghast. Luger suggests that they destroy the bridge so the supply route to the Helghast bases over the river is cut off. The bridge is destroyed by the two control panel on the catwalk underneath the bridge and the team regroup on the other side then move on to the Helghast base.

Part 3: The squad approach a Helghast base guarded by two machine gun turrets and a machine gun team, which are neutralized and the team enters the base, killing many of the occupying Helghast, securing a few required explosive charges, neutralizing and utilising an anti-aircraft gun to defeat a squad of Helghast, one of which had a Squad Cannon.

Progressing onwards the squad neutralize two emplaced machine gun teams and destroy three supply caches, containing much needed supplies for the Helghast invasion effort and infiltrate the command bunker of the base where the Helghast commander of the 10th Company, who were guarding the base and defeat the commander along with his security.

With the base secure the team use the map in the bunker to plan their next move, which turns out to be an infiltration plan on the Vektan missile base to pick up transportation to the Uplink. Unknown to them, General Lente is in a dropship and is informed that he is approaching the missile base where Templar, Luger, Rico and Hahka are headed.

Back up on the SD Platform, General Adams' master technician informs him of the teams exploits in destroying the bridge over the 32nd river, cutting off the 11th Company from supplies and that the 10th Company are not responding to communications and they may be lost. Upon hearing this news, Adams bursts into a fit of rage and brutally kills the technician by smashing his head on the desk and says that this was not what he wanted to hear at all.

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