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Written by Phil

Voiced by WowCrendor

Animated by Jacob Diesel


TRANSCRIPT: In the year 2055, a shortage of oil forces several nations to the brink of war, resulting in World War 3. Earth now ravaged by wide-scale use of nuclear weapons, world powers negotiate for peace to save what's left of the world. With time and and resources running out, a coalition between the world's most powerful companies and governments is formed, called the United Colonial Nations, with one goal in mind: to colonize outer-space.

The first colony ships leave Earth in 2095, headed for Alpha Centauri, where they find two candidates for colonization: a lush, Earth-like world and a habitable but harsh planet. But before humans could be sent to these planets, six colony ships disappear during a solar flare and are presumably lost, hitting the UCN where it hurts the most: their pockets. Now forced to open up the Alpha Centauri system to bidders to refill their coffers, the UCN sells the colonization rights of both planets to the Helghan Corporation.

The Helghan Corporation quickly travel to Alpha Centauri, first arriving on the inhospitable planet, Helghan, where they leave a select few to exploit the planet's abundant energy resources while the rest push on to the second planet, Vekta. The Helghan Administration quickly dominate trade and travel in space which forces the UCN to place an embargo on the system to which the Helghans refuse. With no choice, the UCN sends the ISA to retake Vekta, starting the First Extrasolar War. The Helghans are easily defeated but with the formation of the Helghan Empire led by Scolar Visari, they invade and retake Vekta in the Second Extrasolar War. Now it's up to the ISA to protect Earth and her colonies from the wrath of Helghan Empire.

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