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The Helghast Field Medic in Killzone 3.

The Field Medic is a playable class in the Killzone 3 Mutiplayer.

Primary ability:

  • Revive : Players are revived with full health and a clip of ammo.
  • Revive + : Mortally wounded players are revived with higher maximum health, two clips of ammo, and one explosive.
  • Revive ++ : Mortally wounded players are revived with higher maximum health, ammunition, and grenades.

Secondary Ability:

  • Triage : An aura of health is emitted from the Field Medic, regenerating himself and nearby faction members.
  • Triage + : Deploys a hovering Medi-Drone that will accompany and provide cover for the Field Medic until death.
  • Triage ++ : If still mortally wounded at the end of the respawn timer, the Field Medic will be given the option to stand back up where he fell with full health and ammunition. This ability can only be used once per life.

Primary Weapons:

Secondary Weapons:

Tips Edit

  • If close enough, when the Medi-Drone explodes, it could kill the Field Medic or mortally wound him.
  • Be carfeul when attacking while turning. One could end up destroying their own Medi-Drone.
  • If a medic revives a medic that didn't use the stand up ability, they can still use it later.

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