Evelyn Batton
Killzone: Liberation, Killzone 2
Titles VIP, Scientist
Planet Vekta
Age Unknown
Status Deceased (shot by Mael Radec)
Race Human
Role Support Colonel Jan Templar in the mission.
Affiliation ISA
Weapons M4 Revolver

Evelyn Batton was a scientist and part of the crew General Stratson assigned to develop the nuclear weapons to be used to rid Vekta of the Helghast menace. Formerly the ISA's lead weapons researcher, Batton was responsible for developing the nuclear weapons which have now fallen into Helghast hands. She was rescued from captivity by Templar during the Helghast invasion of Vekta. She was then tasked with locating and neutralizing the stolen nuclear weapons. Prof. Batton was a leading researcher in the weapons division of the ISA. She was chiefly responsible for the development of the self-guided tactical nuclear weapon codenamed 'Red Dust', as well as many other, less destructive weapons. Her work on Vekta was of vital importance in the arms race against the Helghast, and the ISA considers her one of its greatest assets in the region. Some of Evelyn's research was years ahead of that of her colleagues – not just the ones on Vekta, but across all ISA colonies.

Killzone: Liberation Edit

In Killzone: Liberation, she was a VIP that Templar needed to save in Rayhoven, and later on in a Helghast base where she was tortured for the ID codes needed to activate the nuclear weapons the Helghast stole. Despite being part of the crew creating the weapons, she was completely against Stratson's plan of using it on Vekta.

Killzone 2 Edit

In Killzone 2, she accompanies Templar on the New Sun as mission support, but she is shot in the chest and killed personally by Colonel Mael Radec, when Jan Templar refuses to give up the codes during assault on the ISA cruiser New Sun.

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