Killzone - Escape

After exiting the slums, Templar and his squad need to get Hakha off of Vekta. At the same time, General Bradley Vaughton is taking a shuttle up to the SD Platform to deliver the key. First, Templar and his squad tread through a rocky beach guarded by Helghast. They then assist several groups of ISA soldiers defending a beach from a Helghast invasion. They soon reach a dock where they seek out a fast boat to reach the fortress where they can get a shuttle for Hakha. They fight through large groups of Helghast and also assist groups of outnumbered ISA soldiers. After enduring intense fighting, Hakha discovers a computer that he needed to hack to find out certain information. He was about to when Templar told him they had too little time too do so. Hakha insisted, so Rico threatened himwith a pistol, telling him he needed to listen to the captain. Luger then threatens to kill Rico if he shot Hakha. Templar broke up the dispute and gave Hakha a few minutes to hack the computer.  

Hakha figured out the information that said the computer on the SD Platform that the Helghast had control of was General Stuart Adams's personal computer. This told them that Adams was secretly working for the Helghast. While in shock, The squad witnessed an explosion caused by the SD platform's weapons.  

On the SD Platform, Vaughton and Adams started the Platform using two keys. In a few seconds, a group of Helghast storm the room and, under Adams's commands, killed General Vaughton. The Helghast General, Joseph Lente, then enters the room and says that Scolar Visari will be told of Adams's efforts. Adams then uses the SD Platform to bomb a part of Vekta.  

Still shocked, Templar, Luger, Rico, and Hakha press forward and take two Helghast Fast Attack Boat and continue on their mission.  

[Section 1-"The Dunes"]  

While Luger mentions that it will rain soon, a tank shows up to try and kill you! If you're Rico, blow up the tank with the rockets, if you're not, hide until Rico blows up the tank, or use the grenade launcher located near the dead ISA soldier next to the rock formation, 3 or 4 grenades should do it. Then once the tank is destroyed, kill the remaining Helghasts in the area and move further, remaining ammo in the grenade launcher sould be useful. Then you'll find a couple of ladders that will take you to Grenade launcher ammo, a sniper and some ammo to it. Move further and a small group of Helghast will come to your location. Later on, in the far distance, there will be 2 commando boats dropping a small group of Helghast followed by a APC with more Helghast. On harder difficulties, it's recommended to kill the Helghast on the APC's MG before you try to charge at the remaining soldiers. If you head to the commando boats, the one at the right has some ammo for the Helghast rifle (And some shotgun shells for it), sniper, grenade launcher, and more. Further there will be to hills, one can be easily dispatched with the sniper, the other one is hiding until you charge, it's recommended to charge at the Helghast behind the big rock, then kill the sniper, then kill the soldier on a 3rd hill. Once all's done, go further and you'll find a building that will take you to the next section.  

Character's Path:

Luger: Since she's a sniper, she starts this section on a hill to the right, away from the bots... Use that point to kill some Helghasts while Rico takes care of the tank.

Rico: Like it says, use the rockets on your chaingun to destroy the tank.

Templar/Hakha: Just hide behind the rocks until Rico destroys the tank. Or use the grenade launcher.

[Section 2-"King of the Beach"]  

Go outside the building and you'll see some ISA soldiers, some grenades for Templar, a rocket launcher with 2 extra rockets, some rocket ammo for Rico and 2 sets of grenades that hints you that the next scene won't be pretty. First round, some Helghast will come from the right of the beach along with a commando boat filled with more Helghasts. Second Round, the same repeats, except that now there's a tank on the beach that you'll have to take out. Third round, it's basically that same as the first one, helpful hint; use the rockets from the rocket launcher and fire into the boats when the helghast appear, it will kill them all in the one blast. Once you survive that, a building will blow up, leaving you a path to the next area. After the path, some ISA are fighting some Helghast, kill the Helghast and a ISA soldier will say that you have to go to the right of the beach, so leave the building and head that way, you'll hear some firefight, along with a few Helghast soldiers heading that way. Kill them all and meet up with the ISA soldiers defending the docks entrance. There's a set of grenades and a rocket launcher. After you kill the Helghasts that were currently in the area, a commando boat with more Helghasts will appear, then the process repeats, then a small dialog will occur that will end this section.   

Character's path:

Luger: Since she has no explosive ammo that can reach the tank, the rocket launcher will be your weapon against it.

Rico: You can catch the extra rockets to blow up the tank.

Templar: Use the grenades for his weapon to clear out any enemies in the trenches.

Hakha: No specialties, so use the Rocket launcher for the tank and the regular grenades for the enemies in the trenches.