The Engineer Class is the second class that can be obtained. It is unlocked at the rank of Lieutenant. A similar class also named engineer appears in Killzone 3.


This class is all about mechanics. You can place turrets that support your team when things get a little bit hectic and repair ammoboxes who function as a source of ammunition for your team, and repair emplaced machineguns for your team to use. You get to use a LS13 Shotgun, which is a very powerful weapon when used in small areas, but of small use on open maps. Instead, use this on small maps where you can benefit all that firepower. Now, the turrets. Since they are a bit underpowered, they won't get you easy kills. To make them more effective, place them on higher grounds so they can land headshots on enemy troops that walk the streets below (Blood Gracht for example). The repair-tool is very useful, the ammoboxes have infinite ammo supplies for all of your team, and the machineguns are extremely powerful, but they need to be used. Find and repair them as soon as you find them, to encourage your team to use them.


  • ISA Engineers are often seen as repairmen of the ISA cruisers, as they are seen fixing mechanical objects in the ships during the campaign. They also appear to use the M4 Revolver instead of the LS13 Shotgun.
  • In the campaign, the Helghast Engineers actually function as flamethrower units.