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Engineer with Sentry Turret

The Engineer is a playable class in Killzone 3's multiplayer. It is carried over from the Engineer badge class in Killzone 2's multiplayer.


Repair ToolEdit

Isa engineer

ISA Engineer with LS13 Shotgun

Use the right directional button to repair.

  • Repair Tool: Repair damaged or destroyed ammunition dispensers, mounted guns, and automated turrets. Also repair Exoskeletons before they are completely destroyed.
  • Repair Tool+: Increases repair speed, allowing the Engineer to build turrets faster, and repair objects more quickly.
  • Repair Tool++: Hack enemy placed turrets, transferring ownership. Stacks with previous abilities.

Sentry TurretEdit

  • Sentry Turret: Deploy a machine gun turret that will automatically target and fire at enemies in range.
  • Sentry Turret+: Deploy your turret twice as fast.
  • Sentry Turret++: Deployed turrets can now track targets faster and are augmented with auto-fire rockets that fire every few seconds.



Engineer with M224-A1 LMG

Primary WeaponsEdit

Secondary WeaponsEdit


Engineers are important members of their team, using their repair tool to make ammo boxes for their team, and building turrets to kill enemies and block areas, while using their machine guns to mow down any enemies they encounter. Engineer's are most important in objective based game modes where their turrets allow them to easily hold off enemies, or depending on their ability level hack and take control of enemy turrets.


  • Engineers should watch out for Marksmen when repairing or building a turret since they can't move while their doing it.