Emplaced StA3 LMG

Emplaced StA-3 LMG

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Firing from the Emplaced StA-3 LMG

The Emplaced StA-3 Light Machine Gun, with an added protective armored screen, is effective for sustained fire over a longer range than the standard issue StA-3 Light Machine Gun, and like the standard version it is manufactured by Stahl Arms. The tripod offers its user a pitch of 100 degrees vertically and 75 degrees horizontally. The added protection does affect the cooling mechanism of the gun, so extensive firing leads to overheating, rendering the gun inoperable until it cools down which can leave the operator vulnerable to enemy fire.

An often overlooked issue with the Emplacement Gun is that the user's current health is not accurately monitored while manning it. Their screen will take much longer to run red with blood and their vision will not be blurred as much as usual, so it is very easy to suddenly get killed while still mounting the turret. By the time the "hurt" visual effect sets in, it is usually too late for the gunner to unmount it. The armored plating does not offer full protection so ducking under the weapon can still get the user killed.


  • Max Rounds: Infinite
  • Firing Rate: 16
  • Overheat Time: 4.5
  • Cool-down Time: 2.5
  • First Appearance: Corinth River: Verdran Outlook East

Round Damage
Single Player Campaign Multiplayer Warzone
Range Damage Range Damage
0 - 150 20 0 - 150 20

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