Elite Shock Trooper
Elite Shock Trooper
Killzone 2, Killzone 3
Weapons StA-11 Submachine Gun, TR-X Teslite Grenade, M32 Knife
Race Helghast
Affiliation HGH mini
The Elite Shock Troopers are the lean and mean special forces of the Helghast army. They are highly trained and strategically skilled. Also called "Shocks" or "Leets" by ISA soldiers, the Elites are all hardened veterans with wits to match their bloodthirstiness. Elites train in every possible condition and are ready to operate completely independent of support units. They are capable of very flexible deployments in a wide range of missions.


The Elite Shock Troopers are thin, fast, and dressed in special armor. They are highly accurate with their gunfire, and will quickly rush your position. If you are taking cover, they will often throw Teslite Grenades.

Elite Shock Troopers are only encountered in Mission 8: Cruiser of Killzone 2, participating in the Helghast attack on the ISA's New Sun flagship. A pair of Elite Shock Troopers are also seen paving the way for Colonel Radec during his attack on the New Sun's bridge.

As with the other Shock Troopers, keep your distance and use grenades and long range gunfire to pick them off as they move in. If you get them alone, then don't hesitate to rush them for a knife attack. If you chose to rush in, be mindful of other enemies in the area, and stay evasive as the Elite Shock Trooper has a deadly aim. If you're hurt, then take cover to heal and let the Elite come to you. Once he gets close, he will pause and draw his knife. Use this short pause to your advantage, and quickly hit him with a Melee attack or fully automatic fire.



  • You will encounter only a limited number of Elite Shock Troopers in the entire game.
  • Some believe that Elite Shock Troopers are in fact Female and not Male as all the other Helghast Soldiers, likely due to their far slimmer appearence. However in the Official Killzone 2: Collector's Guide to Campaign and Warzone they are clearly referred to as "he" and "his".
  • The novelization of Killzone 3, Killzone Ascendancy, indicates that at least some of the Elite Shock Troopers are female, as Sev finds a photo of one with her helmet removed in the pocket of a dead assault trooper, and he theorizes that she may be the trooper's wife or sister. Sev is surprised that the female Helghast is actually kind of attractive, instead of looking like a radiation poisoning victim like Vektan propaganda depicts them as.
  • While the Capture Trooper is featured as an alternate costume for Colonel Radec in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, the skin is mislabeled as "Elite Shock Trooper" due to the basic similar appearance of the armor.