Psp helghast cobar

Cobar, probably one of the Elite Guards

The Elite Guard was most likely soldiers of sort of Cobar (as seen in Killzone:Liberation), who employ a large power of the Helghast army. They are not much of a soldier themselves, being normally defensive, and they rely on the mechs that are creations of Stahl Arms, as it is the biggest arms producer in Helghan. They serve as the high-powered figures' "lackeys", being under their command and defending them with their very lives. They have high diplomatical and intellectual skills, being put through special training to become the Helghast Elite Guard. They first brought the A.T.A.C. to the planet of Vekta, although the player only see's and fights it on Helghan. As they're very secretive, the player hadn't had the chance to identify one of them. The only two that are very similar two the description of the E.G.'s: Radec and Cobar.

Mael Radec, probably another one of the Elite Guard and the only Helghast military whose portion of a face can be seen.

They hold a very important roll on the Second Extrasolar War, as when the player witnesses both their (Radec and Cobar) deaths, the important figures they protected (that's is the reason they're called Elite Guard, and not Elite Commanders, or names like that), General Metrac and Scolar Visari, died. Radec held back the I.S.A. ground invasion and killed Evelyn Batton and the illustrious Jan Templar on the New Sun cruise ship. Cobar's death is nothing to much. He is shot in the back by General Stratson. But Radec's death is different. After Sev seriously wounds him, Radec pulls out his pistol and takes an aim at one of the soldiers. But at the very last moment he turns it to his head and takes a shot. After that, Rico spits on him. One awkward thing is that neither Admiral Orlock nor Chairman Stahl have Elite Guards, most likely the producers got rid of them or just forgot about it. That's all we can say about them, because these are the only evidence about them that we will have, since all of Helghan's atmosphere had irradiated Petrusite in it.

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