Conflicts Edit

The United Colonial Nations began to raise taxes on the middle colonies in the late 2340's.The civilians began to create militias to expel the local ISA garrisons as each system had its own local ISA force. Each ISA had its own independent military for that one system but was to help oversee Earth policies in the system.After the UCN received reports of the rebellions they activated a task force consisting of the United Colonial Army and United Colonial Army Navy. Their orders were to bring the rebellious systems back into line under local ISA control . In this conflict that Arran Danner participates in it soon became an all-out-war between the UCA/UCAN and the militias.In one of the campaigns in the Beta Hydri system Arran was expelled after a peacekeeping mission went wrong and multiple civilians were killed. It is unknown whether or not he killed them on purpose or by accident. Admiral Grey was also present and helped bring the system of Arcturus back under the local ISA control. It is also during this conflict that the ISA from Vekta helped providing what it could.

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