Aa gun

EAW25/4 Chimera Heavy Weapons Platform

The EAW-25/4 Chimera Heavy Weapons Platform is used to control the airspace over Helghast-occupied territory. Liquid hydrogen circulates through helical channels along the four 25 mm barrels, allowing the heavy weapons platform to maintain a continuous, high-rate fire without overheating.

The weapon can be situated on its quadpod base or it can be mounted on top of the Helghast hover APC, giving the Helghast mobile AA firepower.

Later in the Second Extrasolar War, the EAW-25/4 Chimera is replace by the more advanced VC25 AA Cannon.


  • The EAW-25/4 Chimera bears a resemblance to the Russian ZPU-4 14.5mm Anti-Aircraft cannon platform, another AA system that is capable of an incredible rate of fire.