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Damian Ivanov
Damian Ivanov
Killzone: Mercenary
Titles Unknown
Planet Vekta
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Race Human
Role Mercenary
Affiliation UCN Army (formerly)

Phantom Talon Corp

Weapons StA-52SE Assault Rifle, M82 Assault Rifle
Damian Ivanov was a mercenary working for Phantom Talon Corp in 2357.

Background Edit

Damian was a former UCA soldier who grew up on Vekta.

Killzone: Mercenary  Edit

During the Helghast invasion, Damian began to grow a bond with fellow UCA soldier Arran Danner. The two of them later decided to join Phantom, led by Anders Benoit. Ivanov accompanied Danner on a mission to rescue ISA Admiral Alex Grey who'd been captured by the Helghast. Succesfully locating the Admiral Ivanov briefly detoured to rescue a group of ISA prisoners who were about to be executed. Meeting up with Danner he carried the badly wounded Admiral to extraction as Danner fought off the Helghast, successfully evacing her.

Afterwards he joined Danner on their second mission to retrieve a code from a downed Helghast cruiser. Splitting up the pair retrieved the codes. Meeting back up they fought their way through Helghast forces to place explosive charges and destroy the cruiser. However a fail safe is triggered as Ivanov is working with a console trapping him. Knowing there's no time for him to get out Ivanov tells Danner to leave him behind, dying in the blast as the cruiser explodes.

Quotes Edit

"I didn't do many things right, I guess this is one."

"Kick these assholes off my planet!"

"Kratek, that's one Hig bastard I'd kill for free."

Gallery Edit

Notes Edit

In the picture of Ivanov and Danner, both men are holding M82 Assault Rifles, but in-game, Ivanov is using an StA-52SE Assault Rifle.

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