The Cruiser

A screenshot of The Cruiser introduction screen.

"Cruiser" is the to last third mission in Killzone 2. It takes place aboard the ISA flagship New Sun. At the beginning of the mission the ship has just come under attack from Helghast Cruisers. The Helghast use Leech Pods to board the damaged ship. The Helghast are there to steal the launch codes of the Red Dust nuclear weapons stolen at the end of Killzone Liberation. You meet various new enemies here, such as Pyrotroopers and Elite Shocktroopers

The main goal of this mission is to defend the ship from the boarders, as well as manning the flagship's AA guns to shoot down boarding Leech Pods and to prevent Helghast jet fighters from harassing the evacuating Intruder ships, so that everyone else has a chance to evacuate the New Sun safely. At the end of the mission a cutscene shows the final confrontation in the ship's bridge and also the destruction of the ship itself.

Collectibles and First FindsEdit

1 Intel Case

Vehicles and Bots in the Killzone Series

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