Corinthmetall is an large industrial company on Helghan, famous for its steel. It serves as the main supplier for the other companies, but also produces heavy weaponry like the TG 140mm /L22 smoothbore gun, used in the Helghast hovertanks, Corinthmetall was also responsible for producing and supplying Stahl Arms with 500 electrostatic plates for the Helghast harvester drone, the drones use these plates for storage. The headquarter is located in Pyrrhus.

It also modified the Helghast Tanks for their deployment on Helghan itself.


  • The name Corinthmetall is a reference to the real-life German arms manufacturer Rhinemetall; both the Corinth and the Rhine are major rivers in their respective settings. Rhinemetall also manufactured a wide range of weapons (including the famous MG42 machine gun) for German forces during WWII, another of the obvious links between the Helghast and the Third Reich.