Kz2 corinthriver

Garza pushes Sev up a ledge, as they head for the sluice gate controls

The first mission in Killzone 2's campaign. It features a riverbank, various small warehouses, and a open area in front of the Korovis Dam, where you fight Helghast troopers and two Helghast tanks.


In this mission, Alpha Squad makes a bad landing on the riverbank of Corinth River. They then proceed towards a flood gate, which Sev and Garza have to open by going through a warehouse. Sev and Garza then proceed further above ground level, while Rico, Natko, and the rest of the ISA forces and APCs proceed on ground level. Sev and Garza meet with an ISA Intruder, apparently with friends of Garza on it, which after short seconds gets taken down by a Helghast Rocketeer who then appears on ledge of a nearly broken building. Sev and Garza then both mount emplaced machine guns and take down the supporting Helghast troopers, and shortly after that, the building collapses, just in front of the ISA forces who were waiting on ground level. Sev and Garza now proceed and arrive at the crash site, just as one of Garza's friends get shot through the head by a Helghast. You can't keep this from happening, no matter how fast you run.

Kz2 korovisdam

Fierce firefights at the Korovis Dam battlefield

After a couple of more battles, you meet with Rico and Natko, and the rest of the ISA forces. You have to take down some Helghast, and after a while the driver of an ISA tank gets shot down. You can now man the tank and take down two more Helghast tanks. Minutes later, the mission ends, and you get ready to visit Visari Square. That mission is parted in two, first Blood Meridian, then Visari Square.

Intel and Symbol LocationsEdit

Intel LocationsEdit

  1. While You are maneuvering through the Stahl Arms Warehouse, he will kick a door of sheet metal. Hang a left down a corridor and Intel will be sitting above a flight of 3 stairs.
  2. When you must blast a partially damaged door with a Rocket Launcher, Intel is sitting under a staircase in the back of this room.

Symbol LocationsEdit

  1. The first time you turn a valve in this mission, staright ahead is a large building through a window. The symbol is on the exterior wall.
  2. Garza will open a locked stairwell in Verdan Overlook East, this symbol is on a wall at the bottom of the stairs.
  3. In Verdran Overlook West you will be required to climb a set of stairs. Before doing so, turn around and spot a chainlink fence. Behind it is the Helghast Symbol just above a large horizontal pipe.


  • The Corinth River was first seen at Killzone 2's E3 2005 trailer.