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Killzone: Mercenary
Titles Mercenary
Planet Vekta (presumably)
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Race Human
Role Phantom Talon Corp mercenary
Affiliation P.T.C., Arran Danner
Weapons none
"Shit, we lost Carrell! You're on your own, Danner!"
Anders Benoit, addressing Carrell's death.

Carrell was a mercenary who served in the Phantom Talon Corp in 2360. His only known operation was a demolition mission on a Helghast arc cannon.

Background Edit

Nothing is known about Carrell's past. Judging by the fact that most P.T.C mercenaries are ex-military, it can be presumed that Carrell spent some time in the UCA or ISA

Killzone: MercenaryEdit

In 2360, Carrell was sent to destroy a Helghast arc cannon, which was preventing ISA forces from entering Helghan. Presumable because of the demise of ex-mercenary Damian Ivanov, Carrell was chosen to work alongside Arran Danner, a fellow mercenary. After arriving at the facility via an intruder, Carrell and Danner glide suited towards a nearby monorail. Unfortunately, Carrell was shot down while flying. 


  • Carrell is one of only three mercenaries whos name is revealed, the only others being Danner and Ivanov.

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