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Killzone: Mercenary
Age -
Race -
Planet -
Status Deceased
Title Mercenary
Affiliation Phantom Talon Corp
"Shit, we lost Carrell! You're on your own, Danner!"
Anders Benoit, addressing Carrell's death.[src]

Carrell was a mercenary who served in the Phantom Talon Corp in 2360. His only known operation was a demolition mission on a Helghast Arc Battery.

Background Edit

Nothing is known about Carrell's past. Judging by the fact that most P.T.C mercenaries are ex-military, it can be presumed that Carrell spent some time in the UCA or ISA

Killzone: MercenaryEdit

In 2360, Carrell was sent to destroy a Helghast arc cannon, which was preventing ISA forces from entering Helghan. Presumable because of the demise of ex-mercenary Damian Ivanov, Carrell was chosen to work alongside Arran Danner, a fellow mercenary. After arriving at the facility via an intruder, Carrell and Danner glide suited towards a nearby monorail. Unfortunately, Carrell was shot down while flying. 


  • Carrell is one of only three mercenaries whose name is revealed, the others being Danner and Ivanov.